ELSO Endorsement

Planning or running an ECMO course, a simulation-based course or an ECMO workshop/symposium?? The endorsement process will ensure that your event achieves an educational quality as defined by The Extracorporeal Life Support Organization! Any ELSO or non-ELSO center or scientific Society may submit application. How? in 4 easy steps, summarised in the infographic!

1. Application submission: the course or workshop/symposium director will send the initial checklist, to verify that all the preliminary criteria are met. If any hurdles is identified, recommendations will be offered to support proper adjustment before resubmitting.

2. Visit preparation: once materials are submitted and reviewed, a site survey will be scheduled. At this stage, the educational activity can be branded as ELSO-compliant.

3. Site survey: a surveyor appointed by the ECMOed Endorsement WG, not involved in the event will visit the venue while the educational activity is carried out, for a comprehensive  review . At least 1 month in advance,  lecture slide sets & simulation scenarios will be evaluated too.  The Endorsement WG  will discuss findings, to provide a final recommendation

4. Endorsement agreement: once endorsement is achieved, the ELSO Name and Logo should be used in accordance with the ‘Agreement for Use of ELSO’s Name and Materials for Training Courses’. For Comprehensive Simulation-Based ECMO Courses and ECMO courses, an ELSO standardized online pre/post-course survey and evaluation form must be administered. For workshops & symposia, an evaluation form should be administered and submitted to ELSO for review.

Brought to you by ECMOed Endorsement Workgroup


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