ELSO COVID-19 Guidelines

The ELSO – Extracorporeal Life Support Organization COVID-19 interim guidelines: a consensus document from an international group of interdisciplinary ECMO providers dedicated to ECLS in SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus infection related cardiopulmonary failure and applying to neonatal, pediatric, and adult patient populations. The guidelines cover 10 key areas: ECMO Organization Patient Selection and Timing of ECMO Initiation Cannulation Strategies and ECMO Initiation Ongoing Care on ECMO Weaning … Read more

Clinical characteristics of Covid-19

Clinical characteristics of patients with 2019nCoV (now properly defined by World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19) in these 3 papers. Data extraction on 1,099 patients with laboratory-confirmed #Covid-19 from 552 hospitals in 31 provinces/provincial municipalities through January 29th, 2020. Authors reported 5% of patients admitted to #ICU, 2.18% requiring invasive ventilation, and 1.36% death rate. Extracorporeal … Read more

Imaging in 2019nCov infection

Early recognizing imaging features of novel Coronavirus infection: mandatory for promptly implement treatment/support strategies, but also for isolating case and performing an effective public health monitoring/response; some open access paper have been published on Radiology, starting with a series reviewing chest CT scans of symptomatic patients infected with 2019-nCoV, with emphasis on identifying & characterizing … Read more

Novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection

Trending topic The WHO is distributing an Interim Guidance document for the “Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection when Novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection is suspected.” The medical community is closely monitoring the outbreak. The WHO guidance document includes a statement to “consider referral patients with refractory hypoxemia despite lung-protective ventilation. . . in settings … Read more

ECMOedPP twitter chat!

Global ECMO education & agenda for the future: read the ELSO ECMOed Taskforce position paper on Critical Care Medicine at http://bit.ly/ECMOedpospaper & prepare your questions/comments! a dedicated twitter chat under the hashtag #ECMOedPP will be held on Jan 9 2020, with all the ECMOed Workgroups representatives and members! at 9.00 -10.00 pm CST 10.00 – … Read more

ECMO year in review: ethics & end-of-life

Ethics of ECLS ECMO, lifesaving but associated with several complications that may contribute to reduced survival: the equipe caring for neonates on extracorporeal support, at high mortality risk, must be deeply prepared to deal with complex clinical scenarios, but also with complex ethical issues associated with ECLS. The team must be trained to handle unsuccessful … Read more

ECMO year in review: Veno-Arterial ECLS

A two part review of post-cardiotomy ECMO in adults & pediatrics: In the adult patients, PC represent PV most frequent indication for temporary MCS; considerable variability about surgical access/cannulation still exists, with no apparent major differences in outcomes. Veno-arterial ECMO can be life-saving, and survivors have favorable early outcomes, but mortality & morbidity remain high, … Read more

ECMO year in review: Cannulation & cannulae/cannulation related complications

Cannulation strategies for veno-arterial ECMO: each one with distinct benefits & drawbacks! In this paper various techniques and their indications are discussed, from the easier/most conventional ones to more sophisticated and highly demanding strategies, as triple or quadruple cannulation, in cases of combined respiratory/cardiac failure requiring dual organ support, in cases of left ventricular stasis … Read more

ECMO year in review: ECPR

Let’s start with the American Heart Association focused update on Advanced Cardiac Life Support – ACLS, with recommendations on the use of advanced airways, vasopressors, extracorporeal during cardiac arrest; about ECMO assisted cardio-pulmonary resuscitation: there is insufficient evidence to recommend routine use of ECPR, but may be considered for selected patients as rescue therapy when … Read more

ECMO year in review: education & standardization

Fist obliged citation: the ECMOed Taskforce position paper, to describe the state of ECMO education worldwide, noting current limitations and challenges, & to put forth an educational agenda regarding opportunities for an international collaborative approach toward standardization. Zakhary B, Shekar K, Diaz R, Badulak J, Johnston L, Roeleveld PP, Alinier G, Lai PCK, Ramanathan K, … Read more