Imaging in 2019nCov infection

Early recognizing imaging features of novel Coronavirus infection: mandatory for promptly implement treatment/support strategies, but also for isolating case and performing an effective public health monitoring/response; some open access paper have been published on Radiology, starting with a series reviewing chest CT scans of symptomatic patients infected with 2019-nCoV, with emphasis on identifying & characterizing the most common findings, including bilateral pulmonary parenchymal ground-glass & consolidative pulmonary opacities, sometimes with rounded morphology and peripheral lung distribution. Notably, cavitation, discrete pulmonary nodules, pleural effusions, lymphadenopathy reported as absent. In seven over eight subjects, follow-up imaging (during study time window) often demonstrated mild or moderate progression of disease as manifested by increasing extent and density of opacities. Open access full text
Key points for radiologists in this related editorial, suggesting to consider in the proper clinical setting, 2019-nCoV as a possible diagnosis as detecting bilateral ground-glass opacities or consolidation at chest imaging (but normal chest CT scan does not exclude the diagnosis!): keep an high level of suspicion and collect detailed potential exposure/travel history. Open access full text

Additional cases, same journal, with interesting CT scans images/movie at
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